Joyous traveling

One airport down, two to go.

Brian, Elizabeth, and I are sitting at our terminal in LAX, waiting for our 14+ hour long flight to Brisbane. From there, it’s a short two hour long shuttle ride to SCU campus in Lismore.

We’ve discovered that LAX is less of an airport, and more of a sadistic maze of poorly planned hallways, crossed with a large crowed mall. Luckily, an older (and presumably Russian) couple were in the same predicament as us, so we were eventually able to find our gate with their help, albeit with less mental composure.

Looking ahead, SCU has a free trip to Byron Bay planned for Saturday that I’m sure all three of us plan on attending, followed by another trip next weekend to a Kola sanctuary.

For now, enjoy this horribly grainy picture of a security line at LAX. Better pictures will follow once I’m not trying to upload a post in a crowded and cramped seating area.

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