Minyon (Trickle) Falls

It has been raining everyday for practically the past week, so the adventures that were planned for this weekend were canceled. In light of this, I changed my post about Minyon Falls to now, as to continue a consistent posting schedule.

Right, now down to the good stuff.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for us, we visited Minyon Falls in a dry period before all the rain. This means that we didn’t have to hike in the poring rain, but we also didn’t get to see the falls at all really.  There was a tiny trickle going over the edge, but that was about it. Still a fantastic place to visit! Minyon Falls is located on the southern edge of Nightcap National Park, 30 minutes north of Lismore.

We took a hike from the top of the basalt bowl, into the ravine below. In terms of vegetation, this was the most tropical place I have ever been. Palms and gum trees were dominant and barely any light was getting through the canopy onto the forest floor. We had ourselves a scramble up some slick basalt rocks at the base to get to the small pool at the bottom of where the falls is during wetter weather.


test 2-1
Squiggle Gum Tree
Looking down from the top of the falls


Minyon Falls
The Trickle

As you can see, the falls itself wasn’t anything more than a trickle. Still, a very impressive and grand place to be sure. This was one of the few times that I really wished I had a fish eye lens to capture it all. The photo above is a actually 4 photos stitched together vertically using my widest angle lens, which is the best I can do. Brian and I were speculating on how many climbing routes there was potential for on the rock itself.

We also  visited Rocky Creek Dam on the same day as a place to have lunch on the way back home. The lake behind Rocky Creek Dam is the main source of water for Lismore and the surrounding communities.


View overlooking the lake

If all goes as planned, I should have small post containing some pictures of the university and my residence later during this week. Until then, have swell time in the northern hemisphere.

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