Post-Flood Update


Trust me, I know its been awhile. But hey, nobody expected that Lismore was going to get either A: This much rain every day for weeks, or B: That the Wilson river was going to top its levies, and the city was going to experience the worst flooding its seen since 1974. Clearly, these conditions are less than conducive to photography and adventuring in general. For thee past couple of weeks I’ve been more focused on homework instead. We do have a trip planned to go to Sydney between the 13th and the 17th of this month, so that will get me back outside and taking pictures. Also, today was the first fully clear day we have had in weeks, and so I took the opportunity to get out on to the campus and take some shots. I realized that I had taken a lot of picture in other place while here, but none of where I have actually been living. The picture at the top of this post was taken on the third story of the library, overlooking the campus square. Typically, the library is where I get most of my actual work done, including writing this blog thing.

SCU Central Campus
SCU Central Campus lawn

Heading down this hill is how I get to the library and the square, which is behind the group of trees on the left. Those trees are actually a very small rainforest remnant that still has mostly exclusively native species. The building at the bottom of the hill is the combined gym/unibar. A small bouldering gym was recently built on campus as well, which is located on the bottom floor of that building.

Campus Oval
Campus Oval

This athletic field, which is called an oval, is just on the other side of the gym and the unibar. I’ve caught a glimpse of a few collegiate games of cricket and rugby here, and I can safely say that I still have no idea what is going on. Why can’t everyone play the same damn sport? It would be so much simpler..

The unibar entrance
View across the lake to the koala hospital
Best homework locale on campus, right in that chair (sshh, it’s a secret)

Here are just some other random photos of the campus that I have taken. Parts of campus have really nice landscaping and are very scenic. The buildings themselves, especially the ones that my classes are in, are sort of boring so I decided to spare everyone from pictures.

For any of you that are interested, here are a few pictures of the inside of my dorm itself. Pretty standard looking, but it’s nice that I get my own room.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s all for now. There should be a whole slew of posts soon to accompany my trip to Sydney. I might also have to nerd about about trees and ecology sometime soon, but I’ll let you know ahead of time, so that you can skip that gross, mind-broadening science shit if you choose. Thanks for your time.


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