Springbrook National Park

Just a quick post this week, centered around a I trip I took to Springbrook National Park, which is about three hours north of Lismore. The setting was similar to the area around Minyon Falls, and I actually got to see a waterfall that was quite similar as well, although this one had actual water running over the edge.

Purling Brook Falls
_MG_4568 - _MG_4570
Purling Brook Falls


Springbrook is most famous for this strange and gorgeous bit of scenery: Natural Bridge.

_MG_4620 - _MG_4622
Natural Bridge from below within the cave


_MG_4626 - _MG_4627
Drop into the cave

It’s my understanding that this unique formation is caused by a harder basalt layer on top of a softer limestone layer. Overtime, the river caused cutback underneath the  preexisting waterfall. There also had to be some sort of natural depression above the waterfall within the river, causing small pool to form that got deeper and deeper until it broke through into the undercut below, Eventually, this cave was formed. The cave itself is home to glowworms, which are the bioluminescent larvae of a few groups of beetles. They make their home on the ceiling of the cave. The forest around this area is also abundant with bioluminescent fungi as well, on a side note.


Only one month left in Australia, and I’m sure its going to go by in a flash. We will see how many more updates I can get in before I return home!

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